• This is a duck. It is a duck. It is a ducky duck. Plap.
  • This is a tiger. It is a tiger. It is a tigery tiger. Plap.
  • This is a wolf. It is a wolf. It is a wolfy wolf. Plap.

You're probably wondering what the heck PLAP is...Edit

This Wiki is about the one and only PLAP. If you don't know what that is, you missed out on a funny day! My friend Drew dared me to make a Wikipedia about this funny made-up word. So, yeah. That covers just about everything! Enjoy WikiPLAPia!

Who created PLAP?Edit

I, Katelyn, and my friend Drew made up this word at summer camp one day. He dared me to make a wiki. So I am. It isn't the most awesome wiki you've ever seen.

It's better.

DREW: If you're reading this: This is the only page I have so far: The PLAP story.

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